We are a Digital Marketing Agency with a Focus in the Cannabis Industry.

LHT Digital is a tight knit creative team where we strategize and develop compelling visual identities for Cannabis Brand

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Based in Los Angeles, CA

Most people are surprised to find out we’re a small agency, especially when they learn we’re 100% in-house. But if there’s one thing our group agrees on, it’s the importance of quality! And we believe the key to quality is in strong personal relationships.
When you work with LHT Digital, you work with all of us. We are close friends who share creative ideas in-and-out of the office, and we take pride seeing all of our skills and expertise come together in the work we produce.


Where creative and strategies collide



Digital marketing is a complex web, and your website is at the center. Maximize your marketing efforts with a custom site that ties all of it together.



When customers are ready to take action, your brand should be ready to grab them. Great SEO grows an online presence that can’t be missed.



Demand attention when it counts! Give your products a one-of-a-kind, 360° experience with packaging so impressive it sells itself.

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We are a team with a ton of creativity to share! Let us help grow your business with a custom approach to your design, digital media, and marketing strategy.